Excellence in Education - Visitor Speaking Program

An inquiring, analytical mind; an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge; and a heartfelt compassion for the ailing - these are prominent traits among the committed clinicians who have preserved the passion for medicine.

- Lois DeBakey, Ph.D

Through our visiting speaker program, our fellows have been exposed to nationally renowned speakers and modern day leaders in the field of Cardiology and its many subspecialties.

Rebecca Hahn, MD
Hector Michelena, DO
Blasé Carabello, DO
Joyce Wald, DO
Gary Heller, MD
Isaac Kronzon, MD
Rohinton Morris, MD
E. Gordon DePuey, MD
Thomas Dayspring, MD
Raffaele Corbisiero, MD
Howard Herrman, MD
Dawn Calderon, DO
Robert Hendel, MD
Joseph Bavaria, DO
Daniel Shindler, MD
Bruce Hook, MD
Reginald Ho, MD
James O'Keefe, MD

Speaker Program
Excellence in Education